ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are designed to ensure driving safety and comfort and are becoming increasingly common in latest-generation vehicles, even in the utility segment. Functions include autonomous emergency braking, assisted speed control, lane departure, and pedestrian, and traffic sign recognition, to name just a few.

The ability to provide professional services for these systems is no longer an option but a practical necessity if you want to keep pace with the times and offer your customers top-class assistance. To help vehicle repair professionals work on these sophisticated, active safety systems, TEXA has developed a complete range of modular, multi-brand tools that satisfy the needs of glass replacement specialists, body shops, multi-brand garages, and tire fitters.

Latest generation laser technology These new distance meters are TEXA€™s latest solution for guaranteeing the high level of professionalism and precision now demanded from the world€™s garages.

RCCS 2 allows you to work independently in all phases of repair and even check ride height on cars and light commercials to offer your customers a simple, safe, and highly professional service.

The RCCS is modular since it is compatible with all TEXA panels, with the possibility to choose only the required panels based on the operator€™s needs.

The RCCS is versatile, as it can be used in combination with the other specific solutions for the calibration of radars and rear cameras, therefore creating a complete solution that allows you to operate on an electronic driver assistance system.
The Range Includes:
  • RCCS 2 (Radar and Camera Calibration System), available in three versions
  • CCS (Camera Calibration System)
  • ACS (All Around Calibration System)
  • Radar blind spot calibration reflector
  • ADAS TRUCK kit

Targets Include:
  • MERCEDES (front)
  • MERCEDES night vision (front)
  • MERCEDES Type 1 (rear)
  • MERCEDES Type 2 (rear)
  • TOYOTA Type 2 (front)
  • HONDA (front)
  • HONDA Type 2 (front)
  • ALFA ROMERO Type 1 (front)
  • NISSAN Type 1 (front)
  • NISSAN Type 2 (front)
  • NISSAN (Rogue Sport) (Rear)
  • VAG (front)
  • VAG (rear)
  • VAG (cam 360°)
  • MAZDA (front)
  • MAZDA Type 2 (front)
  • KIA/HYUNDAI, FIAT 500X, and JEEP RENEGADE Type 2 (front)
  • KIA HYUNDAI (front)
  • KIA HYUNDAI (rear)
  • SUBARU with calibration template (front)
  • TOYOTA Type 1 (front)
  • MITSUBISHI (rear)
  • Rear collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Park Assist
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Blind spot detection
  • Night vision system
  • 360° camera

SP Hand Tools are covered against manufacturing defects or faulty materials. This warranty does not cover overloading, abuse, misuse, and/or normal wear and tear. All SP Hand Tools are designed and manufactured for specific purposes and if not used for that intended purpose they will not be covered by the lifetime warranty. Exemptions - All measuring equipment (12-month warranty), battery-operated wrenches (24-month warranty), striking and cutting tools (6-month warranty).