THE Deluxe Fleet Package

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Software Included?
Yes, It Includes full TEXA Coverage for Truck, OHW and Car.

Is the TexPack Included?
Yes, a TexPack will be included on all Three Licenses for 12 months.

Is I-Support Included?
No, I-Support is not included in the Deluxe Fleet Package.

Can I Purchase I-Support?
Yes, please contact our customer experience team for assistance.

Can I add Bike Software Also?
Yes, with this promotion you can add TEXA Bike Software for 50% off!

Can you use an existing Nemo Tablet?
No, you must purchase a Axone Nemo Kit.

Is there a limit on how many you can order?
No, there is no limit on order quantity.

*Offer is effective immediately, and ends on 12/31/2022