Completely automated process

AIR2 SAN introduces important innovations, designed to guarantee the best possible quality of sanitation activities.
Contrarily to many other products that use simple timers and therefore saturate the environment with ozone approximately, TEXA€i¢s solution adjusts based on the ozone density, temperature, and air humidity sensors. This way, the operator simply has to start AIR2 SAN using a remote control or APP and is sure to obtain the best sanitation possible.


How does it work?

In order to guarantee the utmost efficiency and professionalism of the operation, AIR2 SAN acts through three phases:


  1. AIR2 SAN, thanks to its ozone density, temperature, and air humidity sensors, calculates and quickly reaches the ideal amount of ozone needed to sanitize the environment, avoiding excesses of gas that could damage furniture and tools.
  2. During this phase, thanks to its microprocessor, AIR2 SAN keeps the amount of ozone stable for the time required for proper sanitation of the environment.
  3. At the end of the sanitation, thanks to the phase that converts the ozone into oxygen, in a short time, AIR2 SAN reduces the residual ozone to an amount that is not harmful to humans, in order to be able to re-access the environment immediately.

Reconversion of the ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure

After sanitizing the environment, the ozone is often left to decompose by mere aeration. This procedure, other than requiring a long time, exposes to the risk that the space is used with concentrations of ozone that are still too high to exclude irritations or intoxications, other than the risk of remaining smelly. AIR2 SAN, instead, once the sanitation is complete, performs a reverse cycle, retransforming the residual ozone into oxygen guaranteeing an environment that is immediately liveable and safe. Only when the ozone has returned to natural levels, a green light indicating that the operation is complete will appear on the sanitizer and APP.


O3 generation capacity: Above 10 gr/h
O3 generation chamber: 
Borosilicate glass
Type of operation: 
Completely automatic with controlled saturation
Sensors: Ozone, Temperature, Humidity
Air filter at treatment inlet: 
Dust Filter
O3 -> O2 transformation:
 Active carbon filter
<50 dB
Cabinet construction: 
Stainless steel
max 80W (Modulated power for optimal saturation)
Airflow volume: 210 m3/h each
15 x 10 x 7.5 inches
12.5 lbs
Power supply: 
12 V (cigarette lighter socket) / 100-240 V (optional)
Remote control: 
Remote control: 
Via APP (Apple Store / Google Play Store) or IDC5 (AXONE Nemo 2)
Status indicators: 
Ministerial regulation conformity: 
Prot. no. 24482 31/07/1996 and CNSA 27/10/2010

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