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Meet the Team

The Cutting-Edge Team has over 100 years of combined experience in offering the highest level of customer service and product support. Our team is 100% committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. This commitment to excellence is not a mantra; it is a culture shared by all team members.
Our founder, Lee Locklear, created this culture, and he is still at the core of our commitment to excellence.
'Stay on purpose-our job is to take care of customers and take care of distributors.' -president & CEA, Lee Locklear

That quote is echoed throughout our organization and makeup part of our core beliefs. Our team brings passion to everything we do and, in every department, including shipping and receiving, technical support, customer experience, sales, and accounting. That passion drives us to perform at our best every day. Our goal is simple: make sure that every customer and every distributor we encounter are fully satisfied. Do we always achieve that goal? No, but it is never missed for lack of effort.  We are your Cutting-Edge Team.

From offering products to training, we are your One Stop Shop Solution.

G. Lee Locklear - President | CEO

President | CEO

G. Lee Locklear

Adam Brown - General Manager

General Manager

Adam Brown

Director of Sales

Brian Turk


Scott Dahlberg

Jesse L. Matthews - TEXA/SP Tools Product Manager

TEXA/SP Tools Product Manager

Jesse L. Matthews

Jacob Steigerwald - Under Car Product Manager

Under Car Product Manager

Jacob Steigerwald

Service Manager

Jeff Prevatte

Bill Wood - Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Bill Wood

Tim Collins - eCommerce

Web Master

Tim Collins

Human Resources

Susanne Glass

Courtney Locklear - Accounting


Courtney Locklear

Becky Maxted - Accounting


Becky Maxted

Paul Middleton - Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Paul Middleton

Todd Myers - Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Todd Myers

Chalse Cawley - Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Chalse Cawley

Ray McGowen - South East Territory Manager

South East Territory Manager

Ray McGowen

Mike Nesmith - South Central Territory Manager

South Central Territory Manager

Mike Nesmith

Thomas Ralston - Shipping Agent

Shipping Agent

Thomas Ralston

Aaron McCulley - Shipping Agent

Warehouse Manager

Aaron McCulley

Ryan Young - Shipping Agent

Shipping Agent

Ryan Young

Tablet & Shipping Agent

Jacob Poche

Jason Thompson - IT Specialist

IT Specialist

Jason Thompson

Service Technician

John Deacy

Service Technician

Brendan Tanner


Vivian Lundy

Preston Prevatte - Customer Experience Manager

Customer Experience Manager

Preston Prevatte

Jack Croswell - Customer Experience Representative

Customer Experience Representative

Jack Croswell

Jesse Pitts - Customer Experience Representative

Customer Experience Representative

Jesse Pitts

Nancy Figueroa - Customer Experience Representative

Customer Experience Representative

Nancy Figueroa

Alan J. Petitfils - Customer Experience Representative

Customer Experience Representative

AJ Petitfils

Customer Experience Representative

Cooper Cunningham

Joseph Brown - SP Tools Distributor

SP Tools Distributor

Joseph Brown

SP Tools Distributor

Wayne Carr II

SP Tools Distributor

Darius Anderson