TEXA Deluxe Fleet Package

The new, complete and exclusive package was created for large, diverse fleets, DOTs, municipalities, DPWs, utilities, construction, agriculture, independent shops, and more. There has never been a better time to choose TEXA.

This offer includes three main licenses, (IDC5 CAR, TRUCK, and OHW) at the price of two... That's one software license FREE!

  • (1) FREE Updates for 1-Year on ALL License
  • (1) D127X0 - TEXA Axone Voice® Tablet
  • (1) P12922 - IDC5 Truck Software
  • (1) P129C1 - IDC5 OHW Software
  • (1) P13010 - FREE IDC5 CAR Software
  • (1) 3906978 - American Truck Cable (3151/T22)
  • (1) CE253BKF - Fully Rugged Carrying Case

Ability to Add on TEXA Bike (P12937) at 50% off retail cost

  • Dealer-level coverage for virtually all makes and models for HD, MD, Light Commercial, Diesel Pick-up Trailer ABS, and Refer Systems in North America
  • Dealer-level coverage for virtually all makes and models for Agricultural, Construction, Crane/Container Trucks, Forklifts, and Standalone Industrial engines in North America
  • Free Updates for 1-Year on ALL Licenses
  • View and Graph Live Data
  • Read & Clear Codes
  • Injector Coding
  • Relative Compression Testing
  • Speed Limiter Changes
  • Cylinder Cut-Off
  • DPF/SCR Regeneration
  • PTO Configurations
  • Emissions & Maintenance Resets
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Fault Code Assistance and Much More

Cutting Edge Automotive Solutions provides a 1-year, Limited Warranty on its products exclusively.