MARINE IDC5 Software Update 13.0.0

May 05, 2019 1 min read

The new IDC5 Marine Software Update Version provides many things for the Marine Enthusiast.   The 13.1.0 version release 12/7/18 includes:

1. JOHNSON:  the diagnosis of engine (225 4-stroke).
2. MAN MARINE: the diagnosis has been improved and engine (D2876 - R6) has been included.  Special setting for (cylinder compression and cut-out test) has been included for engines (D2876- R6 and D2842 - V12)
3. SEA DOO (BRP): the (quick diagnosis) function has been included for inboard engine speedboat.
4. SELVA MARINE:  the diagnosis of engine (Sword Fish 115 EFI) has been included. 5. YAMAHA MARINE:  the diagnosis of engines (F100 F and FF115 B) have been included. 

The IDC5 Marine 13.2.0 Coverage Update Release Date 9/19/2018 includes:

1.  Coverage for CRUSADER ENGIENS and PCM Marine Engines brands extended with the insert of teh diagnosis of (E-Controls) control units.  For both brands, the diagnosis has been improved.
2.  The new power supply cable (3151/AP56) has been inserted, necessary for diagnosis operations on SEA-DOO (BRP) Vehicles.

 The IDC5 Marine 13.3.0 Coverage Update Release Date 11/22/18 includes:

1.  Diagnosis of SUZUKI MARINE engines (DF100A, DF150TG, DF150ZG, DF175TG, DF175ZG, & DF200AP)
2.  Diagnosis for SUZUKIL MARINE has been improved.
3.  Diagnosis for INDMAR has been improved
4.  Diagnosis for PCM Marine Engines has been improved.

New Cable "3151/T68" for the same Deutz Fahr group models.  Only for old VCI, produced before 2014 and old vehicles platform before MY 2003.    Talk to our team about the new information and updates related to the IDC5 Marine Software and how it affects your TEXA Diagnostic tools.  See our TEXA Diagnostic Tools Click Here

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