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Going with the flow has never been this precise.

Help your customers improve their vehicle€™s mileage, transmission life, and powertrain efficiency with our ADVANTAGE fluid exchange systems. Choose from one of three models: TRANS PRO, TRANS PRO+, and MULTI-MODE. All models offer the dipstick approach to ATF service pioneered by AEC to complete a service on almost all vehicles with dipsticks in under 15 minutes. Trans Pro+ and MULTI-MODE models also offer adapters for cooler line applications. MULTI-MODE has an additional new fluid reservoir to select between different transmission fluids without cross-contamination and reduce downtime associated with changing fluids. AEC€™s innovative technology allows thorough fluid exchange with minimal dilution. Minimum dilution means maximum transmission fluid integrity. AEC Group Inc.€™s patented fluid measurement process utilizes precise flow meters which allow technicians unmatched control over fluid volumes. Use the volume of fluid you want, no more, no less. Waste not, want not.

Four ways to make more money.

To give our customers the most flexibility, TRANS PRO, TRANS PRO+, and MULTI-MODE models offer an intuitive control panel with up to four (4) service modes as well as revenue control.

Service Modes:

  • Dipstick
  • Dipstick / Cooler line
  • Dipstick / Cooler line Combination
  • Manual (drain pan or top-off ATF level)
  • Drain waste tank
  • Total count

  • Why Trans Pro from AEC?

    Technicians find AEC Group Inc. equipment easy to use. Owners find them robust and intuitive. Located in Southern California, AEC Group Inc. proudly designs and builds all of its equipment in-house. Strong design and manufacturing oversight enables us to offer customers the highest level of engineering innovation, training, and after-sale support backed by a limited 1-year warranty.