TEXA Laser Examiner


texa laser examiner in use LASER EXAMINER is a small practical tool to objectively measure brake disk wear with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter without having to remove the wheel from the vehicle. You can also measure tire tread wear using a simple adapter. LASER EXAMINER makes performing these tests quick and simple, providing customers with a detailed report on the “health” of their vehicle’s wheels, guaranteeing a professional service and contributing to customer retention. Genuine added value for garages and tire fitters and an important contribution to vehicle road safety.


texa laser examiner An accurate management system for customer retention The LASER EXAMINER software includes a management system indispensable for customer retention, allowing the garage or tire specialist to manage all disk and tire tests as efficiently as possible, creating a complete and always up-to-date database of driver and vehicle details, complete with the results of the tests performed, and allowing maintenance to be scheduled.