JUMBO 3D HD Aligner

Cutting Edge Automotive Solutions is proud to present the next generation Jumbo 3D Heavy Truck Aligner. We are now able to align six axles simultaneously in under three minutes, which can also include two steer axles. Our imaging technology enables us to accurately and efficiently align a Tractor and Trailer up to 62-feet in length. Other new features include Drawbar Guage, Drive Through, Bushing Calculator, Steering Lock, Frame-Based Axle Alignment, and Frame Reference Input.

Drawbar Gauge feature aligns a full trailer fitted with a swiveling tow bar at the front. The drawbar gauge fixed on the tow bar will align all the axles parallel to it.

Drive Through is an upgradable feature designed for fleet applications. This new add-on feature takes vertical camera columns and spaces them out to four meters; this allows the vehicle to pass through in between them and enables the technician to drive straight out instead of backing the vehicle out, improving shop flow.

Bushing Calculator enables the Jumbo 3D to make adjustments on the wheel in free mode. The software system guides the technician to position the cam in the right direction.

Steering Lock is another new safety feature that locks the steering wheel against the floor instead of the driver seat. It is mandatory to lock the steering wheel while performing the roll-on runout compensation. Trucks designed with seat memory settings and automatic pre-adjustment seat positions will fail to hold the standard steering lock due to the seat resets.

Frame-Based Axle Alignment is now easier to use; before this feature, technicians could only align the wheels now they can align the frame. Before this feature, technicians had to rely on inaccurate measurement techniques using a standard tape measure that identified the gap distance between the tire and the chassis. No longer will technicians have to assume accuracy with the frame-based axle alignment feature.

The Jumbo 3D has all of the features and benefits of the higher costs brands at an economical price point delivering accuracy at an affordable price.



  • Only 3D Imaging aligner for heavy-duty vehicles
  • One-shot runout compensation of all 6 axles
  • Runout carried out by driving a vehicle
  • No vehicle pusher required
  • One-shot caster swing for twin steer axles
  • 4 High-resolution digital cameras
  • Get alignment readings of all 6 axles in under 3 minutes
  • 4 Turn plates included as standard
  • Parallelism adjustment
  • Thrust/scrub angle adjustment
  • Single axle adjustment
  • Mobile target stands
  • Dual Monitors 


  • No electronics on wheels
  • No sensor calibration issues
  • No battery discharge issues
  • Compact and lightweight

Measurement Precision:

  • Camber (Front / Rear): ± 15° 00' ± 00° 02'
  • Caster:  ± 28° 00' ± 00° 05'
  • Kingpin Inclination:  ± 25° 00' ± 00° 05'
  • Teo (Front / Rear): ± 20° 00' ± 00° 02'
  • Total Toe:  ± 40° 00' ± 00° 04'
  • Setback (Front/ Rear):  ± 25mm        ± 2mm
  • Scrub / Thrust Angle:  ± 10° 00' ± 00° 02'
  • Runout: ± 10° 00' ± 00° 02'
  • Included Angle: ± 40° 00' ± 00° 05'
  • Track Width Difference: ± 150 mm ± 2 mm
  • Toe Out On Turns (Optional): ± 20° 00' ± 00° 20'
  • Lock Angle (Optional):  ± 60° 00' ± 00° 20'
  • Power Supply: 230V AC, 50Hz.
  • Power: 250W
  • Operating Temperature: 0° - 50°C