Power Steering Pro

When was the last time your customer had the power steering fluid in their vehicle changed?

Extend power steering component life and power steering system efficiency with a periodic fluid exchange. The ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING POWER STEERING PRO is designed for one-man use. Draining, topping, and exchanging fluid functions are controlled via a toggle switch. Secure and adjustable adapters fixed to the reservoir allow one-man operation.


  • Quick and Efficient 
  • Fully Automatic: Designed for one-man use
  • Simultaneously removes old fluid while adding new fluid 
  • Extends power steering component life and efficiency 
  • Universal and flexible adapters included 
  • Rugged, heavy-duty industrial composite construction 
  • Accepts new fluid containers from .5 to 2.5 U.S. gallons 
  • Six (6) U.S. gallon waste tank