Technical Bulletin: FOX3D/Genie 3D Wheel Alignment USB Connectivity Issue

January 27, 2021 2 min read


In a wheel aligner, the USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the most important interfaces for transferring data between the CPU and the camera beam.

The USB cable provided with the FOX3D and Genie 3D Wheel Aligners comes with the latest software version 3.0/3.1. It also has a maximum length of 16.4ft in cable which can travel along with the camera beam’s up and down movement.

In a recent batch of FOX3D Auto Boom and Genie 3D aligners, the USB cable plugged into the HUB board was identified with intermittent connection problems due to the camera beam’s up and down movement. Due to the intermittent connection, the aligner gives an error message similar to this: “Camera not detected at one or both sides”.

To prevent misconnection and to eliminate the possibility of the above error message, a few modifications have been implemented. Please see these below.

  1. Automatic Re-Connectivity: The software application has been upgraded to monitor the USB connectivity and reestablish the communication whenever there is any issue caused by hardware connectivity. The software will prompt a message on the screen and the system will automatically reinitialize the operation by re-establishing the data communication which was interrupted due to the up and down movement of the camera beam.
  2. Improved USB Cables: In addition to the beforementioned software update, ensure that both the male and female parts of the USB cable are firmly plugged in at the process stage to avoid intermittent complaints.

Call our Customer Experience team (855-839-2626) for assistance in downloading the latest software version (3.13B) which is common for all models of FOX3D and Genie 3D aligners. 

Click the link below to view a demonstration video showing the step-by-step procedure of troubleshooting the defect and replacing the cable assembly in the auto boom model wheel aligners.

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