IDC5 software update OHW 17.0.0

May 05, 2019 1 min read

Starting from this version, the OHW software includes new important diagnostic developments able to support all TEXA mechanics, here below the details of these two new functions - New software section “Actions on the vehicle” and "New vehicle category subdivision."

Furthermore, starting from this update, two new features have been added that will simplify daily work even more:

New software section “Actions on the vehicle”

The section “Actions on the vehicle” has been added for all makes and models to speed up the selection of adjustments, activations and maintenance resets. The section is divided in 3 macro-families: Vehicle Maintenance, Adjustments and Coding, Activation Tests.

New vehicle category subdivision

Once you have accessed diagnosis, the vehicle categories on which you can operate will be the following: Agricultural Vehicles, Construction Vehicles & Special Vehicles, Crane Truck & Container Vehicles, Industrial Engines.

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