Cutting Edge Garage Podcast: EP21 - TEXA USA

January 11, 2022 1 min read

Cutting Edge Garage Podcast:EP21 - TEXA USA


TEXA is a global leader in the Design, Development, and Production of Multibrand Diagnostic Tools, Exhaust Gas Analyzers, Air Conditioning Recharge Stations, and Telematic Devices for Truck and Off-highway Equipment. TEXA has an extensive, worldwide distribution network and employees of more than 730 people, 600 of which are based in the company’s head offices in Treviso, Italy, where all TEXA products are designed, developed, and manufactured. Today we are speaking with Managing Director Dario Peruch and Technical Manager Fabio Mazzon of TEXA USA. Together they explain some of the challenges TEXA faced early on as a new business, differences between the North American and European market, and why TEXA remains a global powerhouse when it comes to professional diagnostic equipment. Welcome back to season two of The Cutting Edge Garage Podcast.


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