SPOA7-LPA 7,000 lb. Asymmetric Low Profile Lift

  • Capacity: 7,000 lbs.
  • SPOA7-LPA 2-stage low profile arms with round RA adapters reach a variety of vehicles with ease.
  • Round polymer adapters come standard with asymmetric lift models that thread-up or have optional stackable inserts creating greater lifting options.
  • No metal to metal contact.
  • Low-profile, two-stage arms with thread-up adapters.
  • Shorter arm gusset for greater clearance closer to the lift carriage.
  • Minimum arm reach and overall arm sweep means technicians have the ability to precisely spot and lift unibody sport and compact profile vehicle designs.
  • True Asymmetrical Column Design
  • Adjustable lift height options
  • Original “Double S” column design
  • Available with SHOCKWAVE™
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPOA7X5LX)