SPO20 20,000 lb. Symmetric Lift


The new SPO20 lift combines high capacity lifting, a low-profile stance, wider installation options and expanded arm reach possibilities and you can order it with our patented lifting speed package Shockwave™!

This is the one lift your shop can use to pick up anything that’ll roll through the doors. Don’t turn away customers and don’t turn away profits.

Turn to a lift that’ll pick up class 1 through class 5 vehicles.

Turn to a lift that has patented Trio™ arms so your technicians can easily position adapters where needed.

Turn to greater arm reach and service more with this versatile lift.

Add Shockwave™ and turn heads with speed, 110-volt DC power and accurate spotting with laser guidance.

Service everything with this one lift!

  • Patented Trio™ Arm Design A
  • vailable with Shockwave™
  • Original “Double S” Column Design
  • Air Operated Lock Release
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO20X)


One Lift To Rule Them All!