TECH Tips Covers: CATERPILLAR C-15, C-13, C9, C7, 3126B

February 21, 2022 1 min read

TECH Tips Covers:
CATERPILLAR C-15, C-13, C9, C7, 3126B


Over time, these harnesses become brittle, and the insulation on the wire will crack, allowing engine oil to penetrate the harness, ultimately simulating an injector misfire.



Using the injector solenoid test with TEXA, you can power up each injector solenoid and determine if you have one that is not receiving power. At that point, you would inspect the connector and the wiring that coordinates with the failed test. Once this is found, you can either repair the bad connector using an OEM repair kit supplied by the local Caterpillar dealer or order a new harness for the injectors from the local Caterpillar dealer. Replacing the harness is the preferred method if the harness is old and brittle. If the harness was damaged while removing or installing or by other methods that might damage the harness and are not old and brittle, the repair kit works well.


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