Digital Automotive Multimeter


  • Set includes: Test Leads , K-type Temperature Probe, Inductive Pick-up, 9v Battery & Canvas Bag
  • RPM measurement for 2"“10 cylinder automotiveengines using the inductive pick-up
  • Oversized high contrast 9999 count LCD display withbacklight
  • 14 functions including DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current(max 20A), resistance, RPM (tach), dwell angle, dutycycle frequency, MS-pulse, temperature (ºC/ºF),capacitance, continuity & diode check
  • Read pulse duty cycle & dwell angle for electronic fuelinjection feedback carburettors and ignition
  • Fused current inputs & overload protection on allranges
  • Measure milliseconds pulse width to test on-timeof fuel injectors, idle air control motors & electronictransmission controls
  • Data hold and relative functions
  • Auto power off
  • Auto ranging
  • Back light
  • Safety design cat 3 & cat 4