Diagnostic Pump Kit - Dual Mode 2 Way Quick Switch


  • High quality diagnostic tool
  • 2-Way pressure and vacuum test functions
  • Patented design- Intuitive rotary dial mode switch- Pistol grip with lever
  • High volume efficiency in both pressure and vacuum modes
  • Manufactured from reinforced composite materials- Very high strength- High impact resistance- Excellent chemical resistance
  • Integrated rear mount gauge- Optimum viewing angle- Maximum impact protection
  • High quality silicon material hoses with quick couple hose fittings- Quick hose interchange- No leaks under vacuum or pressure
  • Custom blow mold storage case


Pressure Mode:
  • Monitor turbo charger boost pressure
  • Test and adjust turbo charger waste gate actuators
  • Test pressure operated central locking systems
  • Test fuel tank vent valves
  • Test one way valves
  • Diagnose small engine faults
Vacuum Mode:

  • Test EGR valve
  • Test fuel pressure regulator
  • Test map sensor
  • Test thermal vacuum switches
  • Test electric vacuum switches
  • Test one way valves
  • Test HVAC valves
  • Test automatic transmission modulator valve
  • Test central locking systems