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RecoverX-CAR Contaminated Auto Refrigerant Recovery System, Vapor/Liquid, 1/2 HP, Twin Cylinder, Oil-less Compressor, 115V/60Hz


Product Features:

  • Twin cylinder 1/2 HP oil-less compressor and gravity drain condenser
  • No need to regulate the inlet; compressor is capable of handling both liquid and vapor refrigerants
  • Unique "Y" hose assembly that recovers from the low-side and high-side of the vehicle simultaneously
  • Hose kit includes all necessary hoses and couplers for servicing R-134a and R-1234YF MVAC systems
  • Safe venting of case interior prior to start up
  • Low pressure bypass for recovery of leak-free systems
  • Low pressure switch stops recovery above ambient pressure for leaking systems to prevent pulling air into recovery cylinders
  • 80% tank full shut-off safety harness prevents over filling of recovery tank
  • Oil separator and oil measure bottle for system oil removal measurement
  • For protection, high pressure shut-off switch turns the unit off automatically if the pressure rises above 350 psi
  • Inlet filter screen stops debris from getting inside unit
  • Maximum air flow and cool running even in high ambient temperatures
  • High efficiency fan keeps air moving across condenser
  • High pressure switch with automatic reset, tank overfill sensor, and external circuit breaker
  • High strength HDPE case for lightweight, portable and rugged use
  • LED indicators simplify recovery information
  • Certified to meet SAE J2851, conforms to UL 1963
  • One year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • 1 - RecoverX-CAR Contaminated Automotive Recovery Machine
  • 1 - Warranty Registration Card
  • 1 - 37826 Contaminated Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder with TOS
  • 1 - 37827 Hose Kit with R-134a & R-1234YF Couplings
  • 1 - Oil Fill Bottle (for Measurement of Recovered System Oil)