TEXA Summer Trade-in

How To Move Forward?

1) Fill out your information in the form below.

2) Click contact to speak to one of our team representatives to discuss a license that best fits your needs.

3) Purchase the TEXA TXTs package and receive a $1000 Trade-In value upon the acceptance of your old scan tool.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Software Included?
No, TEXA Software must be purchased separately. If you have any questions, please consult with our team representatives to determine the best software for you.

Can I send in any diagnostic tool?
Yes, as long as it is a fully working, non-TEXA, bi-directional scan tool, it is eligible for the Summer Trade-In promotion. Service tools, code readers, and OBDII generic tools are not acceptable.

What happens if the unit I send is received not working?
If the diagnostic unit is received broken/damaged, we will not accept it as part of the Summer Trade-In promotion.
Is there a limit on how many scan tools I can send in?
Yes, we only accept one used scan tool for one new TEXA Navigator TXTs.

How long is the promotion available?
The offer is available through 9/01/2022.