TEXA TXB Zero® Marine Diagnostic Tool

ITEM #D187D0
The TEXA TXB Zero® Marine Diagnostic Tool 
is a fully functional scan tool capable of diagnosing all mainstream Outboards & Personal Watercraft (PWC). This NEW tool was designed to put diagnostic capabilities in the hand of every Marine Technician. Instead of selling almost exclusively to the shop/shop owners, we can now advertise to every technician and provide them with an affordable, yet powerful scan tool. This is a "load it on your own PC" and go package.

- This software is designed to "Load it on your own PC" with the idea in mind that it is affordable for every Marine Technician to own one.
- All the same functionality as in the Professional Line Tool but at an affordable price point.
- Specially designed Diagnostic cables ensure that only three cables and a pin out kit are necessary for diagnosis regardless of brand.
- Includes Interactive Wiring Diagrams, Guided Diagnosis Information, Engine Hour/Annual Maintenance Schedule Checklists, and advanced bi-directional functionality such as key reprogramming capabilities.