PTC15 Tire Machine

  • Leasing for Pinnacle
  • Professional grade swing arm tire changers for OEM and oversized tires and custom wheel applications. Features an optional high-performance Bead Press System which is highly recommended to easily aid in the servicing of low-profile, run flat, on/off road tires and commercial light trucks with stiff sidewalls and difficult rims with deep drop centers.


    • North American design adapted to tall and wide tires handles virtually all wheels up to 44” and 15” in width. Outside clamps rim from 12”-26” and is self-centering with rim diameter indexing guides.
    • Standard quick-change mount head kit provides steel and polymer long wearing mounting heads.
    • Self-centering clamping jaws with high-quality dual air cylinders; uniform clamping pressures and high clamping force reduce the possibilities of rim slippage.
    • Add a high-performance BPS (Bead Press System) for simple servicing of stiff sidewall tires and deep drop center rims.
    • Heavy duty, high torque, 2-speed (8-15 rpm) 220v motor easily handles the most difficult sidewall tires and deep drop center rims.


    • Power Supply: 220VAC, 1ph + Air
    • Inside Clamping Range: 12" – 26"
    • Max. Tire Outside: 44" (1,110 mm)
    • Max. Tire Width : 15" (380 mm)
    • Bead Breaker Force: 6,175 lbf (2,800 Kgf)
    • Operating Pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
    • Gross Ship. Weight: 440 lbs (200 Kg)