CEAS 2,640 lb. Lifting Table, Electric/Hydraulic w/ Adapters


Introducing the CEAS-MS12MKIT Lifting Table: Automotive Efficiency Unleashed! With a hefty 2,640 lb. lifting capacity, the CEAS-MS12MKIT Lifting Table is your go-to solution for swift and effortless removal and installation of automotive components. From EV batteries to transmissions, subframes to gas tanks, this robust lifting table handles it all with ease. Boost your efficiency and streamline your workflow with the CEAS-MS12MKIT Lifting Table today!
  • Essential for removing/replacing battery packs for electric vehicles and engine, transmission, drive axle, fuel tank, suspension, and subframes of traditional vehicles
  • Reserved holes(3 15/16" x 3 15/16") on the working table for positioning and fixing components with specialized fixtures
  • The lifting also features a dual-speed system with fast precise lifting
  • Extendable table for greater versatility
  • Electrically controlled mechanical locking button
  • Hand-held button control with stop function
  • Lifting adapters included