July 24, 2020 1 min read

Success in the automotive industry is abundant and defined in many ways. That’s what we are here to explore on the Cutting Edge Garage Podcast.

Now, have you ever looked at a picture of a crazy cool vehicle and thought to yourself, “Wow, if only I could have that”?

Yep, us too, and so has David Ankin. The only difference between us, is that he turns his dream vehicles into a reality.

Today’s guest, David Ankin has been a restaurant owner, promotions director, new product director, a stuntman, and an actor in his own show, ToyMakerz.  In ToyMakerz, you are brought into the high-speed world to watch a creator of one of a kind racing machines and his team design, build, and drive mind blowing vehicles.

What we want to know, is how this big kid living out his dreams and passions, came to be so successful.

WELCOME to the first ever, Cutting Edge Garage Podcast!


Watch it HERE!