November 25, 2020 1 min read

Diesel Laptops – 150 employees, Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the world, over 50,000 clients worldwide. All achieved in 5 years. Today’s guest, Tyler Robertson is the CEO and Founder of Diesel Laptops. He started this company in his garage in 2015 thinking it would be a nice way to stay home with his kids and make some money while doing it. Fast forward 5 years and he has achieved much more than he ever thought possible. Diesel Laptops provides specialized diesel diagnostic equipment for the commercial truck, construction, automobile, agriculture, and off-highway markets. Owning a business is a major achievement in itself. But managing to go from almost nothing to a major company that is continuously growing and bettering itself in 5 years, is even bigger. Obviously, this process comes with its ups and downs with a lot of decisions to be made along the way. Let’s hear how Tyler did it. Welcome to the Cutting Edge Garage Podcast!


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