November 25, 2020 2 min read

While we already know that the automotive world is dynamic and vast, there are pieces to the puzzle that lies outside of the automotive industry but help to push it forward indefinitely. Today’s guest, Alexander McCulloch, is the co-founder of Shop Style Design. Shop Style helps businesses understand the world of eCommerce and helps to streamline their digital presence to better perform online through Shopify.

Alexander grew up wanting to be Batman but settled into studying history for two years before shifting focus onto business. From there, he co-founded Shop Style Design, allowing his passion for eCommerce to mesh with his skill in business.

Alexander has been recognized by Shopify and has presented at 3 of their events alongside other leading partners. Shop Style Design has been nominated for business of the year in their area twice and has won once. They have also secured Shopify Expert Status.

While the business may be ever-growing, failures of some kind are inevitable. From overwhelming hardships and the standard struggle of owning and operating a business to quote-unquote expert coaches that turn out to be a scam.

Now, you may ask, what does his eCommerce business have to do with the automotive industry specifically? Around 85% of the population will conduct research online before making a purchase. This includes purchases in the automotive industry. With a weak or nonexistent online presence, you may be missing a HUGE opportunity for sales.

Let’s hear what Alexander has to say about building a successful business and his advice on eCommerce in the Automotive Industry.

Alexander has kindly offered a promotion to our listeners that you will not want to miss out on. Shop Style Design is offering a free digital presence audit and consultation, as well as 15% off any service purchased. If you’re looking into getting a website, upgrading a website, or just need advice, head over to and enhance your customer's online experience.

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