August 07, 2020 1 min read

The automotive industry is full of needs. But what does it take to find a solution to fill these needs? Today’s guest, Tom Burden, has our answer.

Tom’s parents said they wouldn’t pay for college, so he said he would join the military to call their bluff. Turns out, they were not bluffing and he eventually became an F-16 weapons mechanic for the US Air Force.

Throughout his life he has always dreamed of being an inventor and throughout his career as an aircraft mechanic, he saw a need that could fulfill that dream.

Working on an aircraft is very tedious work where you absolutely cannot lose a bolt, or any piece for that matter, and on a curved metal machine, that becomes a difficult task. His solution? Grypmat – the world’s best non-slip, flexible tool tray.

From a kid dreaming of being an inventor, to actually finding a need and providing a solution, his idea airing on shark tank, to making the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Tom has definitely achieved the title of “inventor”.




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