November 25, 2020 1 min read

Success in the automotive industry is abundant and defined in many ways. Today, with our guest, Mike Friesth, the current director of Automotive Tool and Equipment at Great Neck Saw, we want to know how he was able to gain such success in completely different sectors of the automotive industry and the struggles he had to face transitioning between them. Prior to starting in this industry, he was a civil engineer designing concrete formwork around the US with a want to designing buildings. Mike did not even know that the oil had to be changed in a vehicle, so it’s safe to say he was not from the automotive world. He found himself in need of a job and came across a Mac Tools want ad for a distributor with no knowledge of the tools he was going to be selling. Mike went from knowing nothing about the automotive industry to becoming incredibly successful as a Mac Distributor, receiving many accolades during his time there. Wanting to step-up to the next level, he moved into NAPA as a Regional Sales Manager and later landed his current position as the Director of Automotive Tool and Equipment for Great Neck Saw. Each of these transitions has its hardships with different sales tactics and a whole new audience. And don’t forget about the hardships life always unexpectedly throws as well. How does one overcome these challenges and bumpy roads to find success in the automotive industry? Let’s find out, Welcome to the Cutting Edge Garage Podcast!

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