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The MARINE 12 update has many new features that involve the entire software, from the interface to the diagnostic database. The first among all is the very new IDC5, the latest evolution of TEXA’s software dedicated to multi-brand diagnosis.   Furthermore, IDC5 MARINE 12 is compatible with the very new AXONE Nemo, the flagship product among TEXA's diagnostic tools.


An absolutely new feature introduced with the IDC5 software, the interactive wiring diagrams are one of the additional benefits that make the MARINE software one of the most complete worldwide, as they give extra support to repairers with the analysis of the wiring and of the related components.

The operation is simple: by clicking twice on a specific link, an animation is started, which accurately displays the entire line and highlights all the components and the related pins involved.

The "Nominal Values" sheets aim at providing repairers with additional detailed information, useful to solve a fault detected during the self-diagnosis. The sheets include the reference values for each single electronic component associated to the self-diagnosis and the related solutions for solving possible faults.

This information can be consulted in the menu on the left, after selecting a vehicle, or during the self-diagnosis, in the DOCUMENTATION section, and is divided by system and specific device or fault code, in order to make the search easier and more intuitive.

One of the many improvements implemented in the IDC5 software is related to the diagnosis from the dashboard (blink-code) that does not require interaction with the control unit. In the previous versions, to view the manual procedures and identify the error codes, you had to power the diagnostic tool with a battery, using clamps connected to the AM01 cable.

In stead, from this version this is no longer necessary because the display of the manual procedures and the identification of the error codes are available directly in the database.

Other than the functions mentioned above, the already numerous functions, such as the GLOBAL SCAN and the DIRECT DIAGNOSIS, have been increased with the IDC5 software.


Following is only a small part of the total amount of the most important developments and updates introduced in the MARINE 12 version, which covers 39 makes and over 750 models. We wish to point out the introduction of the MAN MARINE make and the important updates for all the MERCURY group and the make YANMAR.

The injection diagnosis of the “C6.6 ACERT” engine was included.

MAN MARINE  New make. The injection diagnosis of the “D2868”, “V8 - 1000” and “V8 - 1200” engines was included. The new cable AM31 is required for the diagnosis of these engines (see chapter NEW DIAGNOSTIC CABLES).

MERCRUISER  The database was updated and the diagnostics was improved.

MERCURY DIESEL  The injection diagnosis of the “QSD 2.0-115”, “QSD 2.0-130”, “QSD 2.0-150”, “QSD 2.0-170”, “QSD 2.8-220”, “QSD 4.2-270”, “QSD 4.2-320” and “QSD 4.2-350” engines were included.

MERCURY RACING  The database was updated and the diagnostics was improved.

STEYR MOTORS  The injection diagnosis of the “MO236K43 212 hp” engine was included.

VOLVO PENTA  The database was updated and the diagnostics of the petrol engines was improved.

YANMAR  The database's coverage was extended and the diagnostics was improved. The injection diagnosis of the engine series “4BY3”, “6BY3”, “4JH”, “6LY3” and “8LV” was included.

The new cable AM33 is required for the diagnosis of the engines series “4JH”, “6LY3” and “8LV” (see chapter NEW DIAGNOSTIC CABLES).

The database was updated and the diagnostics was improved.

MERCURY  The database was updated and the diagnostics was improved.

MERCURY RACING  The database was updated and the diagnostics was improved.

The quick diagnosis function was included.

SEA-DOO (BRP)  The database and the diagnostic coverage were updated up to 2016.

YAMAHA MARINE  The injection diagnosis of the “WaveRunner VXS” vehicle was included. The quick diagnosis function was included.

The diagnosis injection of the “TAD1642GE” generator was included.

It is important to highlight that, other than the diagnosis, TEXA also offers additional technical information such as technical sheets, nominal values sheets, bulletins and wiring diagrams that are updated and extended at each SW update.

Within the IDC5 software, you can check out all these new features in the DOCUMENTATION menu. There, you will find details of all the makes, models, systems and the related diagnostic functions introduced in the version.

We remind you that the BASIC activation offers the diagnostic coverage of all the makes that belong to the "PWC Personal Watercrafts" and "outboard engines" categories. It also guarantees the coverage of the makes Cummins Mercruiser Diesel, Mercruiser, Mercury Diesel, Mercury Racing and Volvo Penta of the "inboard engines" category.

To gain the maximum diagnostic coverage, including the complete "inboard engines" category and the "industrial engines/generators" category, you must carry out the PLUS integration.

Note: for the owners of AXONE 4 and AXONE Nemo tools, the maximum diagnostic coverage is already available thanks to the included PREMIUM activation.

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